IRTS conception of rotary tables is based on a rigid mechanical structure combined with drive elements and maneuver highest quality, allowing:

  • Work load capabilities up to 20TN
  • Flexible Positioning
  • High rigidity and strength
  • Excellent reliability and long life thanks to a thorough and meticulous design and construction.
  • Optimal milling properties and continuous contour machining by preloaded bearings and excellent drive.
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • High precision flatness and concentricity.
  • Absorption of radial and axial force by axial / radial bearings preloaded and generously dimensioned
  • Low maintenance costs and consumption
  • Flexible equipment configuration (encoders / motors / switch / hydraulic units / …)
  • Hydraulic locking of the turntable to high tangential torque
  • Compact design with no protruding elements of the body
 COMPACT ROTARY TABLE   H  125 – 350  140 – 210 + Information
 H – V   125 – 350  140 – 210 + Information
SMALL SIZE ROTARY TABLE  V – H – HV  400 – 450  260 + Information


MEDIUM RANGE ROTARY TABLE  V – H – HV 500 – 800  335 + Information
PRECISE & FLEXIBLE V 660 – 1.000  – + Information
 H – HV  660 – 1.000 410 – 600 + Information


RIGID & FLEXIBLE V  1.000 – 1.500  – + Information
  H – HV  1.000 – 1.250 600 – 875 + Information


HIGH LOAD CAPACITY  V 1.500 – 2.000  – + Information
  H – HV 1.500 – 2.000  850 – 1.200 + Information


 THROUGH BORE   H – HV  400 – 1.250  260 – 750 + Information
 TWO AXIS – TILTING  125 – 1.000 150 – 410 + Information
MULTI SPIDLE  V – H – HV 100 – 150 125 – 150 + Information
V – H 500 – 2.000 + Information
HEAVY LOAD + WITH X TRAVEL V 1.250 – 2.000 + Information


DIRECT DRIVE  V – H – HV 125 – 1600 + Information


Wide range of motors and encoders are available upon customer requirement.

PALETIZATION & AUTOMATIZATION Pallet changer, Zero position, Magnets plate.

+ Information

INDIVIDUAL NC CONTROL 1 & 2 Axes NC Control with Hand Wheel

+ Information

MOTORS & ENCODERS Servo Motors & Incremental / Absolute Enconders

+ Information

CLAMPING SYSTEMS  Face Plates, 3 & 4 Jaw Manual / Hydraulic Chucks

+ Information

SUPPORT SYSTEMS Manual / Hydraulic / Pneumatic Tailstocks, Spindle Support, Steady Rest, Rotary Support.

+ Information


The main application of the rotary tables is to integrate into milling machines and machining centers as 4th and / or 5th axis simultaneously with the other axes of the machine by high resolution servo motors & precision encoders.

Rotary tables can be positioned universally and make contouring and interpolating machining in combination with the rest of the axes of the machine.

Rigidity and strength are priority to the design of IRTS rotary tables, including construction of the bodies and plate & axes.

Plates and bodies are built in nodular cast iron GG30 (optionally GGG50 depending on customer needs). Combining the experience and FEM analysis optimizing designs and component weights.

The mechanical transmission is performed by a pair of worm & gear, designed and built in order to allow backlash adjustment by variable pitch system.

As key element and fundamental for excellent performance, IRTS integrates in all rotary tables the best type of bearing for rotary table construction. The combination of three tracks of axial-radial rollers makes possible to achieve excellent precision and repeatability difficult to reach with other types of bearings or various combinations.

Different kinds of clamping system are available depending on size and application. Either pneumatic or hydraulic systems are available ensuring excellent rigidity while machining & absorbing high forces of machining.

Rodamiento_IRTSThe constructive basis of IRTS rotary tables is based on the combined axial-radial roller bearing, allowing excellent repeatability in terms of radial and axial concentricity.

Using a high preload bearing with optimum absorption of radial and axial forces achieving excellent rigidity in both horizontal and vertical.

IRTS_coronasAs a fundamental part of rotary tables, worm and gears are designed and built according to the technical requirements and application thereof. Gear is made of bronze (In 1982 GZ-CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C) and gear on steel (20NiCrMo2) hardened and tempered, ensuring optimal performance for demanding machining and precision contoured and ensure durability.

IRTS_Sistema_BloqueoStandard clamping system is based on hydraulic allowing high machining forces and avoiding distorsion.

Pressure switches allows input signal to provide locking / unlocking and ensure the discharge circuit quickly and safely.

Depending on the size and design the lock is articulated by an elastic ring or brake piston.

In the compact range of dividers, locking is pneumatic may be hydraulic alternately. Optionally can used an air booster.