IRTS (Innovative Rotary Table Solutions, SL), with a wide experience of 40 years in the design and manufacture of rotary tables for CNC machine tool industry has an excellent pedigree in providing services to manufacturers of milling / boring centers like machining equipment dealers.

With a strong presence in international markets by offering comprehensive advice and a program of technical support from analysis and needs assessment to delivery and integration into the machine to customers.

With a design department with extensive experience and local manufacturing, we can guarantee the best quality and compliance benefits and deadlines.

Rotary tables suit the real, reliable, high quality requirements, with efficiency-oriented and service, to provide maximum support and cooperation to clients organization.

IRTS creates an environment of trust among its customers, suppliers and employees, and has developed a dynamic and modern organization prepared to meet the challenges that the future demand.

We note in particular the importance on flexibility and standardization of products, allowing on the basis of making a standard range of rotary tables and customizing products. Mainly through collaboration with suppliers and auxiliary workshops of the environment, to adapt the product to the needs of the customer.

IRTS is located in one of the geographical areas in Europe with a higher density of workshops subcontractors and suppliers / partners allowing ensure quality, flexibility and versatility in competitive and fair basis. We are a solution provider.
In addition, all resources within our company are integrated in the company, providing unique design and manufacturing.

Our production workshop located in Itziar (Spain) is perfectly suited for the construction and assembly of large rotary tables with ability to lift components 20TN.

We provide solutions

We design, manufacture and supply standard rotary tables as well as to customer needs.

Respond to customer needs

Working with suppliers and customers to achieve goals together.

Committed to quality

Our management system as well as that of our suppliers and partners, have ISO9001-2000 certification.