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IRTS | Innovative Rotary Table Solutions

IRTS, S.L. specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of rotary tables, with a high level of innovation the application of new technology. Through the combination of rigorous quality standards and high levels of customisation we can cater the needs of most demanding customer.

Using the latest production means and high quality materials allows us to offer an excellent product to the machine tool manufacturer and end user.

Our mission is to fufill machine-tools manufacturers needs by providing a value-added product, developiing and adapting the rotary table according the end users of such machines.

IRTS rotary tables cover a wide range of rotary table sizes, mounting, and clamping possibilities, allowing an ideal solution for many machining operations.

The extensive experience accumulated in the field of machine-tools, allows IRTS to offer the best possible integration between machine and rotary table, ensures optimal performance.

Rotary Tables

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Automotive | Train | Aeronautical | Shipbuilding | Energy / Nuclear / Wind / Oil & Gas | Construction & Agriculture Machinery |
Subcontratacting | Molds / Tooling…

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